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Loyk Mara Luxury Camp

Maasai Mara

Loyk Mara Luxury Camp is located on the bank of a seasonable river Ntiakitiak on a 150 acres private land at the border of Olare Motorogi conservancy and Masai Mara National Reserve - the richest National Reserve of Kenya.

You can reach Loyk Mara Camp either by road or by air. The distance from Nairobi to the camp is 280km. It usually takes around 5-6 hours by road.

Alternatively Guests can come by air using one of the numerous companies such like Airkenya, Safarilink, FlySax, Mombasa Air etc. We use Olkiombo Airstrip to our fly-in clients. Its 20km from the airstrip and takes 30 minutes drive with game drives to the camp.

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