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Lake Bogoria Spa Resort

Rift Valley

Lake Bogoria Spa Resort is the only resort in Kenya with a naturally heated pool. The resort is known as the healing place because of the therapeutic values associated with the spa and the hot spring geysers."Its the jewel of the Rift Valley", Bishop Hanington on the first sight. "The most beautiful view in Africa" set in the acacia surroundings of the floor of the Great Rift Valley.

Located at less than 10 minutes drive from Lake Bogoria, it is more than just a getaway from the noisy crowd of the city. It’s an African Safari experience offering the utmost privacy, but not at the cost of convenience or accessibility, it is approximately 2.5 hours drive drive from Nairobi, 1.5 hours drive to hotel's gate from Nakuru and close to many local attractions.

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