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Il Ngwesi Group Ranch


Owned and run by the Maasai community, Il Ngwesi offers something truly special. Visitors to the lodge have a full wildlife and cultural experience, enjoying hospitality more akin that offered to a valued family member. With no other tourist facilities within the Group Ranch, it is the ultimate personal experience.

The award winning Il Ngwesi Eco-Lodge is purely owned Il Ngwesi Group Ranch. It is situated at the border of Isiolo and Laikipia County.

Il Ngwesi Group Ranch is a Maasai owned land situated in the breathtaking savanna in the Northern part of Mount Kenya. We are an international role model for community based land management and wildlife conservation.

Il Ngwesi, is one of the few community owned projects in Kenya supporting a Rhino Sanctuary .We endeavor to living in harmony with our delicate Eco-system, preserving our culture and sharing our heritage with guests.

The group ranch owns and manages an award winning Eco-Lodge built from local materials depicting Maasai landscape. Our guests relax in this serene environment enjoying spacious comfort with unmatched Maasai Hospitality.

A part from the Eco-Lodge and Rhino Sanctuary, the group ranch also runs other projects like; women enterprises , health, education, water and infrastructure. Women make beautiful beads that they sell to earn them a living. The Eco-Lodge sometimes serves as their market.

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