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Emboo River Camp

Maasai Mara

Located in a river bend within the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Emboo River is the perfect spot for your Glamping Safari.

At Emboo River you will enjoy a luxurious holiday in the midst of nature, while positively contributing to this unique environment, conserving wildlife and empowering the local community.

Game Drives start as soon as you jump into our Electric Safari Vehicles, because there are animals all around us. You can even see animals inside the lodge, as Emboo River is not fenced.

During the Great Migration season, the herds use a popular River Crossing close to the lodge. You will be in the centre of the action!

Emboo River is the first camp in the region to go full eco and - thanks to innovation and technology - applies a unique "Closed Loop System".  This means that Emboo River uses renewable and local resources to run its operations, such as solar power, electric vehicles, biological filtration and reusing of all waste water, organic vegetables and so much more.

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